Indonesian Embassy strengthens cooperation with District Officers of Belait and Tutong to protect Indonesia Migrant Workers in Belait and Tutong

BRUNEI, DIKSINEWS.COM —  For two days, the Indonesian Ambassador for Brunei Darussalam, Dr. Sujatmiko, held a working visit to Belait and Tutong Districts on December 22 and 23, 2021, respectively.

During the visit, the Indonesian Ambassador and his staff met with the Acting Head of the Belait District, Y.M. Awang Mohamad Yassin bin Haji Ahmed and his staff as well as the Acting Head of Tutong District, Y.M. Awang Ajmin bin Haji Meludin. In the separate meeting, each District Head was accompanied by the Regional Police Chief, Immigration Office Officials and Labor Office Officials.

The Indonesian Ambassador expressed his appreciation to the Acting Heads of the Belait and Tutong districts and their staff, including the Heads of Immigration, Labor and Police districts, in facilitating Indonesian citizens, especially Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) who work in these two districts. “PMIs who are looking for a job in Brunei can support their family’s economy in the country. Brunei also benefits from PMI’s support in stimulating economic activities, which is not entirely catered for by local residents.”

The two meetings also discussed several employment cases that befell PMI. Based on data from the Indonesian Embassy in BSB, the problems faced by PMI include unpaid wages, inappropriate work agreements, not being able to work, illness, and acts of violence.

The Indonesian Ambassador and the leaders of the two Districts of Belait and Tutong agreed to continue the excellent cooperation between the Indonesian Embassy in BSB and relevant parties in Belait and Tutong in protecting Indonesian workers in the two districts.

The meeting also discussed the recruitment problem by labour agencies that has brought PMI not in accordance with correct procedures and rules. If the omission is carried out, the position of PMIs are vulnerable and can also lead to acts of human trafficking. The Indonesian Ambassador hopes that this situation can be dealt with firmly in accordance to applicable laws, especially the agents who bring in PMIs illegally from Indonesia. The Indonesian Embassy in BSB is ready to work with law enforcement officials, especially the police, the immigration service and the Labor Bureau, to take action against agents who bring in PMI illegally without the procedures set by the Government of Indonesia and the Government of Brunei.

Based on self-report data from the Indonesian Embassy in BSB, PMI in Belait totalled 2,604 people. Belait District is one of the most important districts in Brunei Darussalam as a source of Brunei Darussalam’s oil and natural gas which also employs many PMIs.

Meanwhile, in Tutong District there are a total of 1,179 PMI. Tutong is one of the main sources of agricultural commodities in Brunei Darussalam which produces several products such as fruits, rice, vegetables, ornamental plants, and poultry which mostly employs PMI.




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